Faculty of Sport Sciences

In addition to the science of sports training, students will learn and study science from various aspects, including educational, cultural, welfare, medical and managerial perspectives. Whether it be playing, watching or supporting sports, we aim to be a faculty that can respond to any form of interest from anyone, and nurture abilities that can be applied in various fields not limited to the sports industry, such as industry, administration and education, through university education centered on the theme of sports.

Facilities and equipment

The building of the Faculty of Sports Science completed in 2017
Sports Lab SALTO

Sports Lab SALTO was built to coincide with the opening of the faculty in April 2017. In addition to various laboratories, including one for biomechanics, Sports Lab SALTO is equipped with an exercise room that can accommodate three official basketball courts, a heated indoor swimming that allows the checking of swimming forms, as well as a dance studio. It also has completely barrier-free passageways and a sub-pool whose depth can be changed; thus, it is an excellent environment for conducting practical research on sports for people with disabilities.

  • The building of the Faculty of Sports Science Sports stands facing the central square of the Mihama Campus. Its pure white appearance stands out against the blue sky.

  • The Sports Exercise Room is large enough to accommodate three official basketball courts.

  • It is fully equipped with experimental facilities such as those for the analysis of expired gas, the measurement of muscular strength, sports physiology, sports psychology and biomechanics, enabling students to conduct experiments from various angles.

  • The Dance Studio can be made into a large space when its mirrored partitions are removed. Acoustic dampening measures have been adequately taken to prevent the howling of hearing aids.

  • Next to the main building there are two heated swimming pools, a 25-meter swimming pool with 6 lanes and a 20-meter pool with 2 lanes, with the floor movable between 0 and 12 centimeters. The swimming pool is equipped with a function that allows swimming forms to be checked from the side.

  • Treadmill tests can be conducted by dividing students into subjects and recorders. They can learn how to implement physical training with less demand on the body.