Faculty of Education and Psychology

The Faculty of Education and Psychology (formerly known as the Faculty of Child Development) is starting in April 2020 with a Department of Child Development to provide programs on childcare and education and a Department of Clinical Psychology to provide a wide range of programs on psychology.

Department of Child Development

Childcare and Early Childhood Education

This course aims to train childcare workers capable of flexibly using their expertise with all children. Students can learn the methods of nurturing the bodies and minds of children, especially during their infancy, through studying the concept, contents and methods of childcare and protective care suitable for children as well as through studying music, manual arts and physical education. New things students may find in lectures can be further deepened through research conducted in specific exercises having various themes and training classes provided in the training building.

School Education Course School Education Program

Utilizing the results of education and research on social welfare conducted in the school, this course aims to train teachers who provide education with consideration for fukushi (welfare). While learning about the contents of subjects and teaching methods, students will also learn about educational issues surrounding children and families in modern society. In addition, students can gain knowledge on mental and physical disabilities, which will strengthen their ability to deal with various situations in the field of education.

School Education Course Special Education Program

This is one of the few courses at private universities in Japan to feature special programs for special needs education. While acquiring the basic knowledge of school education, students can take specialized subjects to help them understand children with various disabilities. After graduation, they will aim to become elementary school teachers or teachers for special-needs schools for children with special needs or those living with disabilities.

Department of Psychology

This department trains students to become specialists in psychology who give full attention to the psychological state of people living in an ever-changing society and play an active role in various fields. While extensively studying psychology, from the second year, students can select one of 3 units (the Clinical Psychology Unit, the Development and Welfare Unit and the Application and Society Unit) that will enable them to determine how to apply what they have learned through studying psychology and to further pursue their learning.

Facilities and equipment

This faculty provides various facilities related to childcare, education and psychology, such as the Childcare Training Room that reproduces a kindergarten and a childcare center, the Arts and Crafts Training Room where students learn how to teach art, and the Music Training Room where they learn how to teach music, as well as the Psychology Practice Room that is equipped with tools for psychological experiments.

Department of Child Development

  • Outside of No. 15 Building

  • Subject Practice Room 1

  • Subject Practice Room 2

  • Arts and Crafts Training Room

  • Cooking Training Room

  • Science Training Room

  • Childcare Training Room

  • Music Training Room

  • Lesson Room

Department of Psychology

  • Clinical Psychology Practice Room

  • Behavioral Analysis Practice Room

  • Support Room for Child Development

  • Appearance of No. 9 Building

  • Information Class

  • Social Psychology Practice Room

  • Cognitive Psychology Practice Room

  • Developmental Psychology Practice Room

  • 2F Hall