The School Spirit of Nihon Fukushi University

Our university aims at producing people with ambition, who are moved by the hardships of these troubled times and compelled by a spirit of benevolence, mercy, and fraternity, to undertake the reform and advancement of society. To attain such a goal, mere scholarly pursuits or the desire for self-advancement would not be sufficient. Our university must be devoted to academic tradition and driven by a passionate love of humanity.

April 1, 1953

Shugaku Suzuki, School Founder

Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees

Become a unique "Meister" through various studies at Nihon Fukushi University!

Among universities offering four-year courses and specializing in social welfare, Nihon Fukushi University has the longest history, having celebrated the 60th anniversary of its foundation in 2017, and since then, various reforms have been carried out within the university. In 2017, the Faculty of Sports Science was newly established on the Mihama Campus, as a result of which we now have 8 faculties and 10 departments. After this faculty was newly established, the Center for Sports and Sciences was renovated and improved so as to have facilities for experiments, exercises and practices related to sports to be carried out in various ways. Also, the Faculty of Social Welfare was reformed by introducing four special courses and a scholarship entrance exam system. In 2018, we opened a research institute that enables us to cultivate humanity, and develop and realize independent, collaborative and inquisitive learning with local teachers, while collaborating with local elementary, junior and senior high schools and facilities for preschool education and childcare in and around the Chita Peninsula.
In the current academic year (2019), we are going to work on full-scale recurrent education business in order to help those who have already been working in society to acquire a new professional career at our university. While improving their expertise through the programs offered by the faculties, departments and centers, students learning at our university aim to acquire the Nippon Fukushi University Standard, which represents five strengths related to fukushi (well-being for ALL). They also aim to become leaders, or fukushi meisters, who can contribute to the realization of a collaborative society where all people support each other and actually feel the benefit of fukushi (happiness in normal living), while maintaining the dignity of human beings in their community. Our sincere desire is for our students to grow into unique characters as meisters who will create a community-inclusive and multi-cultural society through studying at our university.

Chair of the Board of Trustees –


President's Message

As a university of fukushi (well-being for ALL),
we train professionals who support people's happy lives in a wide range of fields

Nihon Fukushi University is a university of fukushi (well-being for ALL) with 8 faculties, 10 departments and 4 graduate schools. It was founded in 1953 as Chubu Junior College of Social Work, and in 1957, with the establishment of a four-year university, became a university with one faculty, Japan’s first Faculty of Social Welfare, developing remarkably over the next 60 years.
At the time of founding, Mr. Shugaku Suzuki, the school founder, proclaimed the School Spirit as follows: “Our university aims to produce people with ambition, who are moved by the hardships of these troubled times and compelled by a spirit of benevolence, mercy, and fraternity, to undertake the reform and advancement of society.” His philosophy has been successively passed down and is presently being applied in our education and research.
The Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture, which is home to our 3 campuses (Mihama Campus, Handa Campus and Tokai Campus) with their 8 faculties, is blessed with rich nature and attracting nationwide attention as a region that is buzzing with activities by local residents and non-profit organizations (NPO). Making good use of the geographical advantages of the region, each faculty, in addition to offering on-campus lectures and seminars, emphasizes fieldwork in their educational and research activities, allowing students to visit the local communities and learn practical skills from the local residents and organizations.
In a society with a fast-declining birthrate and a growing aging population, great importance will be increasingly attached to the training of specialists compassionately caring for people who are facing hardships and challenges in their lives.
At Nihon Fukushi University, we look forward to enrolling compassionate students who have a desire to support people’s happy lives and activities, and the passion to contribute to the development of future society in a variety of fields.

President –

KODAMA, Yoshiro