Faculty of Nursing

The goal of nursing is to ensure the people’s health and offer support in order to allow people to live a life that is appropriate for them. In order for nurses to support the mental and physical health of others, it is important for the nurses themselves to cultivate rich minds, reliable knowledge and skills, and the communication skills required to convey them. In the Faculty of Nursing, students will learn the latest knowledge that will serve as a foundation for providing nursing care, and acquire reliable skills using their bodies which will be the medium for providing nursing care. Through university life, the students will also broaden their perspective and study with students from other departments, refining themselves through the various encounters and cultivating humanity to face and support other people. Together, let’s learn “nursing care that draws close to people” that is only possible at a university specializing in welfare, right here at the Faculty of Nursing. The university and teaching staff will be doing everything they can to support you.