Faculty of Social Welfare

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of its founding, the Faculty of Social Welfare, the four-year course with the longest history in Japan, has undergone a renewal to its system! With the introduction of the special course system consisting of Administration, Children, Medical Services, and Human Welfare courses, an education system that ensures a high degree of specialist education that allows students to acquire in-depth knowledge suitable for their career after graduation has started. We are offering these new courses to meet the increasing and diversifying needs of today’s social welfare. With the growing demand to support a diverse range of people with social and medical problems, the role of public officials capable of drawing up and implementing policies and plans for social welfare and community development is becoming more important. There is also a need for people who demonstrate a welfare mindset and who are actively involved in industry, business and their local communities. In the Faculty of Social Welfare, students develop specialist knowledge and skills in each course, and all of them have the opportunity to undertake fieldwork in the local community and learn by involvement with many different people and organizations. This hands-on approach by the faculty trains compassionate personnel capable of bearing “the development of a caring society for all.”

Department of Social Welfare

Administration Course

This course trains students for posts in general administration or welfare at the national, prefectural, and municipal levels. The course is also appropriate for students seeking a profession in the judicial field such as family court probation officer.

Children Course

This course trains students to become specialists that support children and families, such as public officials working in children’s welfare centers, childcare workers in day nurseries and child welfare institutions, or school social workers.

Medical Services Course

This course trains students to become social workers for hospitals, or licensed psychiatric social workers in psychiatric hospitals, health centers or institutions for the disabled.

Human Welfare Course

This course trains students for puts as social workers in institutions for the elderly or disabled, and personnel who can apply their welfare knowledge and skills in broad-ranging fields, such as education or business.