Faculty of Child Development

The Faculty of Child Development nurtures childcare providers, teachers and psychological supporters who can display the spirit of welfare and foster the courage and hope to live in every child. Students will learn about the physical and mental developments children face mainly from infancy to adolescence, and equip themselves with theories and techniques of support appropriate for each stage. While the faculty is divided into 2 departments and 4 special courses, the minor program allows for flexible learning beyond the restrictions of departments and special course structures. In addition, a big feature of our faculty is the abundance of opportunities available for on-site learning at locations such as nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, special education classes and childcare support centers through collaborations with the local community, in order to better understand the various changes children undergo. Through these opportunities, students will broaden their perspective and cultivate the ability to discover problems faced not only by children but also their families and local communities, and solve these problems by putting themselves in their shoes.

Department of Child Development

Early childhood Education and Care Course

A major in early childhood education trains the student how to bring out the abundant strength of children along with the members of the community and to cultivate their ability to deal with children's issues. Students obtain early childhood education qualifications and kindergarten teacher licenses and learn the specialized skills required by day care, kindergarten, child welfare facilities and other such institutions.

Primary Education Course

The Primary Education Course cultivates the ability to help children develop naturally and to deal with the issues that arise from school age through adolescence. Students learn the highly specialized skills needed to become elementary and junior high school teachers, as well as developing the skills needed to provide special needs education.

Department of Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology Course

The Clinical Psychology Course tackles mental issues covering all stages of life: from infancy to puberty, and from young adulthood to old age. We teach students the skills that will allow them to help with and understand people and mental problems in a wide range of fields including education, welfare and healthcare.

Special Needs Child Psychology Course

The Special Needs Child Psychology Course, based on a study of psychology, cultivates skills to deal with the issues faced by children with special needs. We teach students the expertise needed to provide special needs education and the skills to understand and assist people with special needs in a wide range of fields including education and welfare.