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Driven by a passionate love of humanity and committed to social progress and reform

The School Spirit of Nihon Fukushi University

Our university aims at producing people with ambition, who are moved by the hardships of these troubled times and compelled by a spirit of benevolence, mercy, and fraternity, to undertake the reform and advancement of society. To attain such a goal, mere scholarly pursuits or the desire for self-advancement would not be sufficient. Our university must be devoted to academic tradition and driven by a passionate love of humanity.

April 1, 1953
Shugaku Suzuki, School Founder

Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees

Applying “chi” (knowledge) rooted in the Chita Peninsula to refine and create specialists with plenty of individuality

Nihon Fukushi University has the longest history as a four-year university specializing in social welfare. This year, with the newly established Faculty of Nursing and the Tokai campus, we are a nationwide university with a total of 4 campuses (7 faculties, 9 departments, 4 graduate programs), including the graduate school campus in Nagoya and 3 campuses in the northern, southern and central areas of the Chita Peninsula. With each campus as a core, the university has a mission to build a regional community with a human touch, to develop culture and nature that are rich in individuality and to promote and enrich industry and technology based on the “chi” (knowledge) in the region (COC: Center of Community), and to fulfill the function of being an excellent international base of “chi” (knowledge) (COE:Center Of Excellence) that is involved in the building of a welfare society.

The Chita Peninsula, a “Glocal” (global and local) area connected to the world in both business and everyday life, is a fusion of vast land, sea and air (= airport), an “Eco-museum” blend of industry, culture and nature, that is a treasure trove of “chi” (knowledge). This area is optimal in providing a relaxing environment for conducting field work open to the world and for practical education related to work. With this area as your base, we sincerely hope that everyone can refine these two kinds of “chi” (knowledge) and develop rich in individuality as specialists who are active all over the world.

Chair of the Board of Trustees – MARUYAMA, Satoru

President's Message

Acquire knowledge, skills and spirit of “fukushi” at this social welfare university

Nihon Fukushi University is a university of social welfare that is rooted in the local area and has worldwide aspirations. It is committed to the full development of three areas: “life” (health and medicine), “living” (welfare and economics) and “life purpose” (education and growth). Its long-established social welfare faculty has the longest history in Japan and its seven faculties, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Health Science, the Faculty of Child Development, the Faculty of International Welfare Development, the Faculty of Healthcare Management (distance education) and the Faculty of Nursing that has just been established in 2015, all combine their strengths with the aim of actualizing “happiness for everyone,” in other words “fukushi” (happiness / well-being in everyday living).

The area of the Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture, also known as “the most energetic peninsula in Japan”, is the location of the three campuses of Nihon Fukushi University, and is rich in nature, industry, human relations and humanity. With this Chita Peninsula as a stage, it is my hope that you will all acquire the knowledge, skills and spirit of “fukushi” and learn in a comprehensive and practical way, and that you will be able to make a contribution to the development of local communities in your working life after graduation. All of us faculty members will support you, not only during your time at the university but also with a view towards the development of your careers after graduation.

President – NIKI, Ryu