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The Fourth Year of The 21st Century Center of Excellence Program
President of Nihon Fukushi University
Representative of the 21st Century
Center of Excellence Program
Kazuaki Miyata

With "Asian COE towards a new policy science for social well-being and development" as its theme, the 21st Century Center of Excellence Program ("the 21st Century COE Program"), which started in 2003 and in which Nihon Fukushi University has been participating, entered its third year last year, and the 21st Century COE Program Committee of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science conducted an interim evaluation on the program.

The evaluation was conducted on less than two years of research and human resource development, but the fact that the effort by each research group and the office led by the project leader Dr. Ryu Niki resulted in publication of "Fukushi Shakai Kaihatsugaku no Kouchiku (Establishment of Welfare Society Development Studies)" published by MINERVA SHOBO contributed to a relatively high overall evaluation of "B" and allowed for continuation of the research, although there were some aspects of the research that required "further efforts."

As for the field of researcher development, there too we have been accumulating positive results.For example, through the COE Project, five members in the research team became PhDs in 2005, and also, excellent overseas students from various countries such as South Korea and China have been accepted by the graduate school.

It will be an important turning point in the year of 2006, in which the final research results will be summarized.It will be necessary to integrate research activities by individual research teams and create a study report with the vision for the final results based on the results of the international joint research, symposiums, open study groups, and workshops that have so far been accumulated.

The abovementioned publication "Fukushi Shakai Kaihatsugaku no Kouchiku (Establishment of Welfare Society Development Studies)" is not only our interim report on our approaches to the pioneering research theme that requires interdisciplinary studies, but also a tentative document that will raise issues in an attempt to find the best way to establish welfare society development studies through combination of social welfare studies and international development studies.We would very much appreciate any constructive criticism and comments on this publication and also your continuous support and cooperation for this project by NihonFukushiUniversity.
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vol.2 April, 2005

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