Asian Research Center for Social Well-being and Development

Collaborative Partners

The Nihon Fukushi University - Nanjing University Social Welfare Research Exchange Center

Since 2003, Nihon Fukushi University and Nanjing University have worked together in a series of collaborative research efforts and academic exchanges in fields such as social welfare and social policy, achieving remarkable results. In addition to promoting research in each field, these achievements have acted as a driving force in the creation of a harmonious society in China. Both universities will build on the cooperative relationship they have established thus far and pursue the following research activities to promote social welfare research in Japan, China, and South Korea, aiming to obtain an understanding of the latest trends in social welfare services around the world, to further develop academic exchange and collaborative research in both the Japanese and Chinese academic spheres in fields such as social policy and social welfare, and to gain an awareness of basic direction of development and structural transformation in Chinese society. We establish "The Nihon Fukushi University - Nanjing University Social Welfare Research Exchange Center" for proceeding the study as following,

(1) Implementation of exchanges of research personnel and convening of research exchange meetings through the Research Exchange Center
(2) Collaborative research by the research personnel of the Research Exchange Center
Joint research will be carried out under a project-based system, conducted in research projects established for specific research content.
(3) Convening of seminars, workshops, symposiums, and other events by the Research Exchange Center, and joint publishing of the results of these
(4) Collection and sharing of academic information and documentation by the Research Exchange Center
(5) Other activities agreed upon by both universities